Secret Sigma

Secret Sigma is HERE!!!

Hello Sigmas!!  I know you all are excited about the annual Secret Sigma! Me too! Any Sigma can join! For the most part, rules are the same:

1. Must complete the google form to be “registered”. Click the link below! Last day to register is November 17th.

2. Must participate fully.

3. Must respond when I contact you within reasonable time, whether by Facebook message, tag, or by text/call.

4. Must have tracking on your package.

5. Must send me, by facebook (Shannon Lee) or email (, the tracking number for your package by December 5th.

6. Minimum $15. It’s up to you if you want to spend more.


Last day to register: November 17th at 5:00pm

Day you get your Secret Sigma assignment: 

       November 19th by the end of the day

Submit tracking and send out package: December  5th by 5:00pm

Hope you enjoy this year's Secret Sigma!!

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